I am passionate about health and well-being and about building a community of like-minded people.
In my personal health journey, I have engaged in many practices and used many products and I love to share my experiences of them for the benefit of others.
ASEA redox products are part of my daily health routine and great products to recommend due to their simplicity and wide range of applications in health and well-being, skin and beauty as well as sport and fitness.

By my main profession, I am an engineer and analyst. In my personal life, I have participated in self-development, meditation and spiritual practices since my early teens. I co-founded a meditation centre that operated for 15 years where my partner and myself were offering daily classes and workshops on meditation and self-development. 

In 2017 my partner was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She had wonderful doctors and surgeons who took care of her. As part of her recovery, she chose to engage with complementary therapies and practices. This was the beginning of our path to understand health and healing. We discovered medicinal cannabis, fasting, hyperthermia and vitamin C and mistletoe infusions as well as a full 4-week program to learn mentally and physically to deal with cancer. We learned about the Budwig diet, how to use vision boards and learned various ways to support the body to detox with baths and enemas etc.

It was at this time that good friends introduced us to ASEA and the redox signalling molecules. I liked the simplicity of the product and its many applications and hence I am happy to promote this product without hesitation. ASEA also offers a business opportunity and a very active and supportive network which helps you to grow your business acumen and also to learn more about health and healing. The opportunity for a supplemental income stream is very achievable and rewarding. 

My personal goal to further the health and wellbeing of mind and body in our society by sharing what products and practices have worked for me with the hope to inspire others to take action. 

Please browse and read about this amazing redox technology ASEA brings to market and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on any information provided.

Loving Regards, 
Florian Schaeffer

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